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Fertility Acupuncture Vancouver


Registered Acupuncturist & Holistic Nutritionist

Karolina is profoundly fascinated by the intelligence of women’s bodies in creating, birthing and nurturing new life. As a practitioner of women's health and fertility specialist, it brings Karolina immense joy to see her clients transform during their pregnancies as they become mothers and grow the next generation. 

Noticing a lack of accessible, compassionate healthcare for women in her community, as well as the pressing need for fertility support, Karolina shifted her practice to empower women to achieve their health and family goals. She works closely with midwives, doulas, and pre- and postnatal professionals to help hundreds of women optimize fertility, have healthy pregnancies and births, and become confident parents, while honoring each family's unique journey. 

Karolina is committed to continuing education and has pursued advanced training through The Acupuncture and TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) with the goal of becoming a Fellow. At the heart of her practice is Balance Acupuncture, an ancient technique she has studied extensively, becoming a Certified Jade Level Practitioner in 2021. 

At Bloom Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health, Karolina offers acupuncture for fertility and pregnancy, cervical ripening, postpartum support, menstrual cycle regulation, stage of life (perimenopause), mental health, facial rejuvenation (cosmetic), and traditional Fire Cupping Therapy. 

Outside the clinic, she can be found immersed in nature while hiking, snowboarding, swimming, or practicing restorative yoga, constantly inspired by the innate magic of life's cycles of movement and stillness. Karolina's devotion to women's empowerment through integrative care makes her an exceptional guide for those embarking on the transformative path of parenthood.

Karolina Kluska (She/Her): Meet the Team
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